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Cutch Extract

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SKU: ALL-2009


Cutch Extract, 2oz.

Typically Ships within 1-3 Days

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Product Details:

Cutch Extract

The best variety of cutch (Acacia catechu) is common to most parts of India and Burma. Cutch is the rich reddish brown color seen in Indian textiles. It is both a dyestuff and tanning agent and  has been used in India since ancient times.The dye is made by steeping cutch wood in hot water until the liquid becomes syrupy. The thickened liquid is cooled, pressed and then cut into cubes and dried. Then it is ground into a powder for dyeing.

Cutch extract is sweet smelling in the dye bath and yields rich red browns. Cutch with an alum mordant requires a two hour simmer to develop its deepest shades and the addition of 20% hydrogen peroxide in the dyebath will dramatically deepen the color. Cutch combined with Logwood Grey will yield a lovely Chocolate Brown.

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