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Brazilwood Chips


SKU: ALL-2004


Brazilwood Chips, 4 oz.; rich reds and pinks including burgundies and purplish magentas; 2 oz. per lb of wool.

Typically Ships within 10 Days

Product Details:

Brazilwood Chips - 4 oz.

BRAZILWOOD - This natural dye comes from various leguminous trees, including lima, sapan, peach wood, quebracho and palo de Brazil. Bark chips need to be soaked overnight and require about equal weight chips to weight of wool. Alum is the best mordant. Iron can be used as an after-mordant to deepen the colour. Some veteran dyers use Brazil wood to heighten the red of madder. It is not a very light-fast dye.  Brazilwood natural dye gives crimsons, purples and pinks on premordanted yarns.

Typical use is 2 oz. of wood chips per pound of fiber.

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