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Woolery Class Calendar

Class sizes are limited. Please check back regularly for new additions and cancellations.

Class Date Time Instructor Class Fees SKU
Beginning Spinning 4/22 10am-3pm Nancy Reid $75.00 + $10 materials fee BS-14
Intro to 4-Harness Weaving 7-1/2 9am-5pm Nancy Reid $350.00 + $35 materials fee I4HW - 13
Intro to Rigid Heddle Weaving 6/3 10a-3pm Nancy Reid $75.00 + $25 materials fee IRHW-2
Intro to Felting 6/24 10am-3pm Anna Latek $75.00 + $10 materials fee IF-2

Please Call to Schedule 800-441-9665. Classes are kept small to allow for lots of individual attention. All Classes & Workshops are paid in advance, first come, first serve.*
No cancellations within 30 days of class. 20% cancellation fee prior to 30 days of class. No cancellations within 60 days of workshops. 20% cancellation fee prior to 60 days of workshop.
* For classes with a materials fee that fee will be collected separately from the class fee and will be paid to the instructor by the student. Instructors can take payments in cash or check only.
Custom Classes & Private Lessons Now Offered!

Don’t see a fiber-arts class you’re interested in? Just ask! We have instructors who are proficient in a number of crafting practices and are happy to give customized, private lessons. We can facilitate single-attendee classes or groups up to 6. Rates are $40 an hour per-person, with a 2-hour minimum. Some ideas to choose from:

- Spinning
- Weaving
- Knitting
- Rug Hooking
- Rigid Heddle Loom Instruction 
- Felting

If you have 4 or more people interested in a specific class not already scheduled, give us a call for rates. Contact Taevia at to schedule a custom class today!