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Botanical Starter Kit

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SKU: HUE-0005


Botanical Starter Kit, contains 4 dyes, mordant, gloves, mask and instruction book. Enough for 3.5 lbs of wool. Comes in a reusable handmade paper gift box.
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Product Details:

Botanical Starter Kit
Kit contains: alum sulfate-12 oz, weld-16g, logwood purple-10g, cutch-68g, madder-23g, iron-16g; calcium carbonate-28g, mask (1), gloves (1 pair), small instruction book & weld instructions.

Expanded and updated these popular kits to include the Colors Collection, Indigo Blues, and Reds: Roots, Bark & Bugs. Each kit is full of generous amounts of natural dye extracts, raw dye materials, non-toxic mordants and assists, and detailed instruction books that include recipes our secrets for getting beautiful color. There is enough material for dyers, designers or study groups to create almost any hue you can imagine. These kits will dye over 40 lbs of natural material: yarn, fiber, fabric, paper, wood, tagua nut, grasses and reed. Each kit comes packaged in a reusable box filled with cultural images of textile artisans from around the world.

NOTE: Due to uncontrollable circumstances the vendor has made 2 substitutions in the above kit until further notice:
  • Cochineal - has a worldwide shortage due to last season crop failure. 2 oz of Lac extract has been substituted.
  • Osage orange - also in short supply. Weld has been substituted.

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