• Nature's Colorways

    FRw24 422
    Nature’s Colorways: Conjuring the Chemistry
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  • The Wild Dyer

    FRw24 383
    The Wild Dyer: A Maker's Guide to Natural Dyes wit
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  • Journeys in Natural Dyeing

    FRw26 376
    Journeys in Natural Dyeing Author: Kristine Vejar
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  • The Dyer's Handbook

    FRw44 954
    The Dyer's Handbook: Memoirs of an 18th-Century Ma
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  • Beautiful Wool

    FRw27 315
    Beautiful Wool: In the Dye Kitchen with Lisanne Mi
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  • Love Your Creative Space

    FRw19 496
    Love Your Creative Space: A Visual Guide to Creati
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  • Spin Dye Stitch

    FRw28 829
    Spin Dye Stitch: How to Create and Use Your Own Ya
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  • Color by Design

    FRw34 204
    Color by Design: Paint and Print with Dye  A
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  • True Colors

    FRw39 042
    True Colors: World Masters of Natural Dyes and Pig
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Featured Products

  • Introduction to Dyeing Kit

    FRw51 306
    The perfect kit to begin your dyeing journey. Kit
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  • Painted Desert Yarn

    FRw14 610
    The delicate and durable superfine wool yarn comes
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