Holiday Shipping Calendar and Tips

Holiday Shipping Calendar and Tips

Posted by Emily on Nov 2nd 2020

We want to make sure you have all of the information you need to get your Christmas gifts to your friends and family on time this year, so we have this handy dandy Christmas Shipping Guide for you to keep track of important shipping dates! Please keep this in mind when you are choosing your shipping method for items ordered in the month of December. 

You already know this, but things are a little extra complicated this year. We are doing our best to keep our stock levels plentiful but due to circumstances that are out of our hands, we will run out of some things and be unable to get them back in time for Christmas. If there is something that you absolutely have your heart set on as a gift, please consider ordering as early as possible to give yourself the best chance of having the item in hand in time for the holidays.

If an item you were planning to purchase as a gift is unavailable please remember you can make use of our Woolery Gift Certificates as an alternative.

We appreciate all of your patience during these difficult times and thank you in advance for being kind and courteous with our Customer Service team. We promise to do all we can to help you get your holiday packages on time!