Carders Make Your Qiviut Go Farther

Carders Make Your Qiviut Go Farther

Posted by Chris on Feb 14th 2012

Qiviut Down

Beautiful clouds of lovely downy fibers are calling. We have some great prices on qiviut, cashmere, and camel. Blending downy fibers not only makes them go farther, but it also makes them easier to spin and produces a more hardwearing handspun yarn. Get out your carders and start making unique blends to spin today. Here are a few tips:

  • Use the finest hand carder or drum carder cloth available.
  • Use at least 50% down fibers so their qualities don't get lost in the mix
  • Use a light touch when carding
  • Spin a sample to make sure the blend produces a yarn you will like.

If the down fibers are much shorter than the fiber you are blending it with, for instance silk or llama, consider cutting the longer stapled fibers in half.  The reason you do this is because the shorter fibers might pill; however some would say not to bother.  Our solution?  Try carding a small amount of blended fiber--one batch with the shortened staples and the other with the longer staple in tact. Spin a small sample and wash.  Evaluate which one you like and go from there.

I know we have heard it: I don't swatch or sample. If you don't you might miss the opportunity to make the yarn of your dreams.

Happy carding, spinning, and weaving!

Chris, Nancy, and the entire Woolery team!