Add Pinterest To Your Craft Tool Arsenal

Add Pinterest To Your Craft Tool Arsenal

Posted by Emily on May 28th 2020

We've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately, as we are sure a lot of you have been doing with the additional time at home. We all know that Pinterest is a great place to find recipes, cutesy kids projects, and home decor ideas. You may not know it can also be a pretty powerful tool to add to your craft arsenal. We're going to go over some ways that we use Pinterest to be inspired and keep organized. Pinterest has a robust smart search tool, lets you make an unlimited number of boards, and best of all; it's free! 

Color Palettes

Color Exploration

The Woolery has a Color Exploration Board that we use to collect cool infographics about color, neat palettes, color planning ideas, and any random awesome color pins we see. This can be a great place to jump off from and be inspired by color. 

One of the juicier ways to use Pinterest for color though is to nail down a specific color palette. Let's say you want weave a scarf inspired by some Naturalist art. You can just search Naturalist (or whatever your inspiration is) into the search bar and collect images that inspire you. 

Pin all of the images in one board made for this occasion. Once you get a collection going, you can also go into the board you've made and Pinterest will suggest additional Pins for you that might go with your board!  

When you are done collecting you have a curated inspiration board that you can bring with you when you choose yarn for your project!

Technique Ideas

You can also collect ideas for new techniques in a Pinterest Board. These could be things such as; weave structures, knitting stitches, crochet stitches, yarn construction, dye techniques, or whatever craft of choice you're trying to level up! Even if it's something that looks complicated and you can't imagine attempting it in your wildest dreams, still pin it, you never know when you'll be ready to give something more complex a try!

Inspiration From Other Art Disciplines

I am a horribly slow embroiderer. So slow that I have been working on the same cross stitch sampler since 2016. I also don't really know any fancy stitches. I do love embroidery art though! I collect embroidery pieces I like on Pinterest for inspiration. Maybe I'll want to spin a yarn inspired by the colors of a piece, maybe I'll buy a piece from an artist to decorate my studio, or maybe I'll just have a Pinterest board to inspire me to learn more embroidery. 

Project Planning

If organization is your thing, maybe try planning out your projects with Pinterest. For our Rigid Heddle Texture Infusion project we have pinned the blog post with the pattern, the yarns, and the loom. That way we have everything we need to know about the project in one spot! We could even go in and pin a photo of our finished project once we're done.

How do you use Pinterest as a crafting tool? Are you already using some of these ideas? Do you have different ideas that we haven't thought of yet? We'd love to see your boards! You can find The Woolery's Pinterest here