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Schacht Cranbrook Countermarche Loom

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SKU: xxx10802


Schacht Cranbrook Floor Looms come in three weaving widths, with two harness set-ups. Starting price is shown at right, click here for more pricing and information. Price Includes Worm Gear.
Price From: $6,589.00

Made to Order | Ships in 12-16 weeks

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Product Details:

Schacht, Cranbrook Floor Looms - Price Includes Worm Gear

The Cranbrook Loom is widely considered to be the finest Countermarche loom available today.

A countermarche loom is a balanced system of rising and sinking shafts. There are two sets of lamms, an upper suspended lamm and a lower pivoting lamm. Each shaft works independently, its operation not affecting that of the other shafts. The tie-up system of the Cranbrook employs a special-size Texsolv nylon loop cord that remains permanently installed on the treadles and may be tied to either the upper or lower lamm.

The front, rear, and knee beams of powder-coated tubular steel give the loom added rigidity while affording better protection for the warp. The solid octagonal warp and cloth beams are 16 1/2 inches in circumference.  The locking treadles are especially helpful for rug and tapestry weaving. Solid bronze ratchet gears, pawls, and beater hanger racks are featured on all Cranbrook Looms. The warp beam ratchet gear is released by a foot pedal.

The Cranbrook loom is available in 48, 60 and 72 inch weaving widths.  Choose 4 or 8 harnesses.

Included is a stainless steel reed of your choice (6,8,10, 12, or 15 dent), a brass reed hook. 16 warp sticks, 2 lease sticks and 1000 Texsolv heddles.

Included with the Cranbrook Loom:

-worm gear

-one stainless steel reed, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 15 dent
-1000 Texsolv heddles
-two cloth aprons
-tie-up cords
-lease sticks and warp separator sticks


-12 treadle option

-Double Back Beam

-Sectional Beam

-Suspended Tool Shelf


-Tension Box Rail

-Sliding Threading Bench

-Cranbrook Loom Bench (36", 48" or 60" widths)

-Beater Weight

Weight ranges from 430 lbs to 585 lbs, depending on size and number of harnesses.


Loom Name


Depth X Width


Schacht Cranbrook 48” 4 Harness

69” to 72”

86" x 70"

480 lbs

Schacht Cranbrook 48” 8 Harness

69” to 72”

86" x 70"

520 lbs

Schacht Cranbrook 60” 4 Harness

69” to 72”

86" x 82"

540 lbs

Schacht Cranbrook 60” 8 Harness

69” to 72”

86" x 82"

 580 lbs

Schacht Cranbrook 72” 4 Harness

69” to 72”

86" x 95"

600 lbs

Schacht Cranbrook 72” 8 Harness

69” to 72”

86" x 95"

 640 lbs

Product Review By: Nancy Reid

I think I’m in love; I’m already trying to figure out how to fit one into my living room, after turning that room into a studio, and the spare bedroom into the living room… this loom is giving me seriously dangerous thoughts. It is a sweet loom to work on, and in; the engineering is fine, and the woodworking perfect. I enjoyed building it, and made friends with it during that process, and it has just gotten better that more time I’ve had with it. I have two rugs on it now, and have about 6” woven; the tensioning with that worm gear is just as sweet and easy as can be. I’m very happy that the shop has given me this opportunity to weave on one fine loom …. well worth every dime!

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