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Schacht Cherry Mighty Wolf Loom - Limited Edition


SKU: xxx10818


You’ve been asking for cherry…so here they come! Schacht is pleased to offer all three Wolf Looms in limited edition cherry.

Out of stock

Product Details:

Limited Edition - Now Shipping

Schacht Cherry Wolf Looms - Limited Edition Pup's, Baby & Mighty!

You’ve been asking for cherry…so here they are! Schacht has made a limited production run of all three Wolf Looms in cherry. 

All Wolf looms, Pup looms and the Schacht Standard looms now come with inserted eye heddles as standard equipment.

1. Free Delivery OR;
2. Pick up at Woolery and receive $150 accessories of your choice.

Loom offers include:
Wolf Pup LT with Wolf Pup Trap
8-shaft Baby Wolf with Stroller & Baby Wolf Trap
8-shaft Mighty Wolf with Stroller & Mighty Wolf Trap

We also have Available:
Baby Wolf High Castle Tray - $185
Baby Wolf Double Back Beam  - $335
Mighty Wolf Double Back Beam  - $365
Baby Wolf Height Extender w/ Loom - $235
Mighty Wolf Height Extender w/Loom - $265
Cherry Loom Bench - $417
Cherry Loom Bench Bag - $45
9" Mini Boat Shuttle, Cherry - $35
11" Slim Boat Shuttle, Cherry - $41
11" Regular Boat Shuttle, Cherry - $41
13" Boat Shuttle, Cherry  - $48
15" Boat Shuttle, Cherry  - $48

All three looms are in stock and ready to ship.

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