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Ashford Stand-Treadle Kit for the Table Loom

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SKU: xxx10506


Ashford Stand-Treadle Kit for the Table Loom. Available for all 3 size table looms. Starting price shown, select size for more pricing and information.
Price From: $495.00

Typically Ships within 1-3 Days

Product Details:

Ashford Stand-Treadle Kit for the Table Loom

Available only as a package. Gives you a stand plus a treadle kit that will provide a 4 treadle, 4 harness tie-up. This can be used on the 8 harness looms but with only 4 of the harnesses. Includes two shelves. Loom fits into the stand - no screws needed- so you can move everything easily. This is a really nice set-up and getting both the loom and stand is a good choice.

NOTE: 16 Harness looms MUST HAVE the 16 Harness loom stand & NO TREADLES are included or available.

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