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Used Equipment

Used Spinning Wheels, Used Looms, Used Knitting Machines & Used Textile Accessories.


The Woolery offers this service to our customers as a way to help facilitate the selling & purchasing of used equipment. Things usually sell pretty quick, so keep checking back.

The Woolery web site is a high traffic site for fiber enthusiasts worldwide. Listing your used equipment with is us very simple. There is a $10.00 listing fee to put the information on our site. All you have to do is send an email to with the following information:


  • A picture of your item you wish to sell
  • A short description of your item
  • If you want to ship the item or if it is local pick up only
  • Payment methods you accept
  • Price of the item
  • Your contact information

We will format your listing for our website and email you back with any changes we may need to make for your approval. Once the listing is agreed upon we will contact you to collect the fee. Your item will stay listed on the website until it sells or for one year. Personal contact information will not be listed on the website. To purchase an used item contact the shop either via email,, or call us at 800-441-9665. We will get you in touch with the seller of the item and then the sale will be arranged between the purchaser and the seller.


Lendrum Spinning Wheel 

Lendrum double treadle origional spinning wheel with the regular flyer, fast flyer, plying head (never used, no plying bobbin), 10 regular bobbins, lazy kate, and a carrying bag.  Also included are a pair of Louet double row mini combs, cotton hand cards, and an extra drive band. 

Price - $750.00

Local pick up in Dallas, Oregon area or shipping at buyer’s expense
Listing number: 216791


Matchless Double Treadle 

Double treadle Matchless Spinning wheel with the regular flyer, jumbo flyer, lazy kate, slow and fast whorls (whorl keeper is missing), 3 regular bobbins, 3 jumbo bobbins, and the wheel cart kit. 

$900.00 Paypal Only

Local Pick up Louisville, KY or shipping at buyers expense. 

Listing number: 216772


Schacht Table Loom 

Schacht table loom 25" weaving width and four harnesses.  It comes with a stand with a storage box and work shelf.  Loom comes with two shuttles and the existing warp.  

Price - $700.00 cash only

Local Pick up Watertown, TN or delivery within 75 miles of Nashville TN

Listing number: 216775

Glimakra Spool Rack - Floor Model

Clearance Price: 339.99

Located in store at the Woolery in Frankfort, KY


Used Leclerc Mira 60" Tapestry Loom
Only used once! Excellent condition. About 25-30 years old.
Asking Price: $1200 OBO
Pick Up in Lexington KY area.



48" Fireside Floor Loom - Black Walnut

This loom includes a hand carved beater by a local artist; double back beams with one
being a sectional beam, worm drive advance system; 12 harnesses with steel heddles;
14 treadles; 8, 10, and 12 dent reeds; lease sticks, shuttle holders, raddle, 
mounted ott light, and a sliding bench with storage.
More pictures are available upon request. 
Asking Price: $4000
Local pick up near Olympia, WA
Listing number: 182044
Leclerc Nilus Jack Loom 

This jack loom has 12 harnesses and is a

36" weaving width.  The loom includes 1500+

texsolv heddles, Leclerc Bench, and 

a 10 dent reed.  This will weave everything

from rugs to silk scarves. 


Asking Price: $1500
Pick up only Austin, TX. 
Listing Number: 216778
Glimakra Countermarch Loom
63" Weaving Width, 8 Harness, 10 Treadles, 2 reeds, bench, and other accessories  

Asking Price: $3000
Local pick up only
Listing Number: xxx203b