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Used Equipment

Used Equipment

Used Spinning Wheels, Used Looms, Used Knitting Machines & Used Textile Accessories.


The Woolery offers this service to our customers as a way to help facilitate the selling & purchasing of used equipment. Things usually sell pretty quick, so keep checking back.

See Special Instruction for Buying and Selling at the bottom of this page. 

48” Fireside Floor Loom - Black Walnut

This loom includes a hand carved beater by a local artist; double back beams with one of those being a sectional beam; worm drive advance system; 12 harnesses with steel heddles; 14 treadles; 8, 10, and 12 dent reeds; lease sticks, shuttle holders, raddle, mounted ott light, and a sliding bench with storage.

Price: $4000.00

Local Pick up near Olympia, WA

Listing Number: 182044

Northwest Pioneer Table Loom

This loom is a unique table loom that is well suited for sampling and travel. It is an 8 harness loom with a 20 inch weaving width. The features that make this loom unique is the ability to change the EPI and harness order of the warp on the fly. The reeds are open topped and the heddle frames are also open on the top allowing for individual manipulation of threads even after the warp is on the loom. More pictures are available upon request.

The loom comes with the attachable warping frame, 600 heddles, and three open topped reeds at 8, 10, and 12 dent. This loom is for local pick up only in the Riverside, CA area.

Price - $450.00

Listing number: NR008064

Leclerc Artistat - SOLD

This loom has a 36” weaving width and was in use until 2 years ago. The weaver who owns it is downsizing since she only uses her smaller looms. The loom comes with a Leclerc bench and 10, 12, and 14 dent reeds. The age of this loom is unknown. It is a Jack style loom and is in working condition with only some cosmetic blemishes due to use. A picture of the bench is available upon request.

Price: $750.00 Price Reduced: $675.00

Local Pick Up only in Mt. Washington, KY

Listing number: TM008146 

Swedish Counterbalance Loom

120 cm Swedish counterbalance loom (47” weaving width) with overhead beater and 4 shafts. It comes with: approximately 500 new Texsolv heddles; rubber feet; a new Glimraka 30/10, 120 cm reed; a new 40/10, 120 cm reed; a pile of warp sticks; Swedish Loom Manual...and more. This loom is approximately 40 years old and was used in a professional weaving studio in Northampton, MA before its move to Brooklyn. It’s beautiful and solid. It will require a van or truck to move as the side pieces are 54” deep x 63” tall.

Price: $1,250 Price Reduced: $900

Local Pick Up only in Brooklyn, NY

Listing Number: TM008041



Glimakra Spool Rack - Floor Model

Clearance Price: 339.99

Located in store at the Woolery in Frankfort, KY



Used Leclerc Mira 60" Tapestry Loom
Only used once! Excellent condition. About 25-30 years old.
Asking Price: $1200 OBO
Pick Up in Lexington KY area.



Used Leclerc Mira 36" Floor Loom SOLD
4 Harness/6 Treadle Counterbalance in excellent condition. Only 2 known owners, belonging to the current owner for the past 20 years. Comes with bench, sectional warp beam, Leclerc tension box, books, and other miscellaneous accessories.
Asking Price: $1,500 Price Drop, NOW: $800.00
Located in Waddy, KY



How to Purchase Used Equipment on The Woolery website

If you see something that interests you, give Taevia a call at 800-441-9665. She can help with more information, pricing and/or offers and put you together with the seller to arrange pick-up or shipping.

How to Advertise your Equipment with The Woolery
The Woolery web site gets lots of traffic with people looking to buy spinning wheels, looms and other textile equipment. We want to help buyers and sellers get together by using our site as a starting point. We will act as your middleman, by placing your ad and referring buyers to you for the actual sale.

What will we do? We will write your copy, include a picture if you wish to submit, get your ad on this page and receive inquiries about your products, helping to explain the products, if needed, and then refer possible buyers to you. If you would like us to collect payment from the customer, we will do that and mail you a check from The Woolery. If the customer uses a credit card (with your permission) we must deduct the credit card processing fee from the proceeds.

What do you do? You will represent the product correctly to us, provide us with your name, address plus phone number and/or e-mail for the customer to contact you. You will complete the sale with the buyer and get the product to the buyer.

22% of Asking Price -- Minimum Fee $35 Maximum Fee $335 + 2%. Ads will run for a minimum of 6 months; an additional 3 months is free if you notify us of the need. A pre-payment of $35 is required. Ad rates are based on the advertised price of the product you are selling. The fee is 22% of the selling price. The minimum fee is $35 and the maximum fee is $335 + 2%. $35 is payed in advance and the remaining is deducted from the proceeds when the product sells.

For example: You want to list your Drum Carder for $100.00 - The fee is $35.00 (Minimum Fee)
You want to list your Spinning Wheel for $450.00 - The fee is $99.00 ($450 X 22%=$99) You want to list your loom for $1750.00 - The fee is $300 (Maximum Fee) + $35(listing fee pre-paid) + $35(2%) = $370.
Note: We will accept for placement all textile related equipment except Ashford spinning wheels. Distributor rules preclude us from listing these items.