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Babe Walking Wheel

The wheel is made with the use of a wheel chair wheel and therefore has ball bearings to turn on. The wheel has a built on extension so that it is 36" in diameter. The frame is Furniture PVC, a dual extrusion, which is stronger then Plumbing PVC and is UL protected so it can be out in the sunshine. 

Standard ratios are 38:1 and approximate 70:1. Special order ratios available upon request. There is a polyurethane drive belt which makes adjusting very easy. No complicated adjusting is needed. The Spindle is stainless steel, 12" long with a sharp point. The spindle is 40" off the floor. The completed wheel weights 14 lbs. ships in a 36" x 8" x 36" box, however UPS classified it as 70 lbs.

Options: A second drive belt so it would run off of the wheel chair wheel. Spindles at whatever size you would like. Great for spinning Cotton, Wool, Silk and Rags for rugs. It is really fun with this wheel to go out to 6 or 8 feet in a instant and then put the twist you want into the yarn. Comes as a kit and will require some simple assembly.

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1 Item(s)