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Ashford Spinning Wheels

Made in New Zealand, they are the most popular wheels in the world. They are enjoyed by beginners as well as professional "production spinners." The quality is superb and the features offered come at an attractive price. You can't go wrong with Ashford spinning wheels.

ACCESSORIES: Hand cards, combs, hackles or drum carder, flick cards, niddy noddy or skeinwinder, spinning stool or spinning chair, ball winder, swift, spinning gauge, extra bobbins, lace flyer, high speed flyer, jumbo flyer, yarn balance, spinning books and spinning DVDs/videos. Appearance matters to some. Having a wheel that looks like an old style wheel or wheel that will match the character of a house or furnishings adds additional considerations.

WHAT YOU NEED TO GET STARTED: Carded fiber (or raw fleece and hand cards), a threading hook (may be included with wheel), a niddy noddy, instructional book ("Hands on Spinning", "The Ashford Book of Spinning", "Handspinning - Teach Yourself Visually") or DVD ("Spinning Wool - Basics and Beyond”), & spinning wheel oil (maybe included with wheel).

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Items 1 to 48 of 90 total

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