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Heavy Duty Ball Winder

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Heavy Duty Ball Winder is a commercial grade unit and can make yarn balls weighing 1 Lb. or greater and measuring up to 7" x 7". The unit weighs over 6 Lbs and is made of hardwood and steel.

Typically Ships within 1-3 Days

Product Details:

Made of Maple hardwood, steel shafts, and commercial grade, heavy duty Swiss gears. Will wind balls up to 1 Lb. and greater. The yarn guide arm can be swiveled 180 degrees to allow for 5 different angles at which the yarn supply can be positioned relative to the ball winder. Includes a yarn tensioner which can provide. An optional motor drive add-on kit (Power Base™) is now available. This unit is a high tech motor drive option for the standard ball winder. It has a variable speed control, reverse, slow and fast speeds, an auto-slip belt drive, and allows the user to also use an optional foot pedal for hands free operation, and auto shut-off when used with the Electronic Yarn Meter™. Includes 2 heavy duty table clamps (5/16" L-bolts). These allow for mounting to table thicknesses of up to 2.5". Our clamping systems are preferred by most fiber artists. 1 year limited warranty for both consumer and commercial use (see warranty terms for details). Designed and manufactured in the USA.

Now shipping the new Gasket which will significantly reduce fiber build-up inside your Heavy Duty Ball Winder (and possibly eliminate the need to ever clean it).

This rubber gasket is fitted to the torque Tube in your ball winder underneath the spindle arm and esssentially blocks the hole that allows debris to enter the gear system.

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