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Heavy Duty Ball Winder Complete Package

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SKU: XXX11939


Complete Package - Includes Heavy Duty Ball Winder, Power Base and Yarn Meter and Stand. Heavy Duty and Lite version available.

Typically Ships within 1-3 Days

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Product Details:

Complete package includes:

  • Electronic Yarn Meter
    • accurately measure yarn in yards, meters, or by weight equivalency. This version is mounted on the Power Base stand and is used with the Heavy Duty Ball Winder and Power Base combination and all other ball winders.
    • Adjusts for both height and table depth. This is the largest stand available for the meter
  • Heavy Duty Ball Winder with 2 table clamps.
    • Commercial grade unit made from Hardwood, steel, and heavy duty Swiss-made gears.
  • Choice of two power options:
    • Power Base™ motorizes the Heavy Duty Ball Winder™. Commercial Grade electronically controlled motor unit. 100-240V, 50/60 Hz. Optional Foot Pedal is available (which turns the unit on and off at a preselected speed - but does not control the speed level). 
    • Power Base Lite Plus motorizes the Heavy Duty Ball Winder. It has long life controls. Simple functionality without the extra features that the Power Base has. It does contain the high speed motor that is used in the Power Base, however. It comes mounted in a hardwood housing with a 800 RPM gear-motor.

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