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KCL Woods Spindles

Each beautiful KCL spindle is handcrafted by Ken Ledbetter, carefully finished and has been tested for precision balance and superior "spinnability" by Jill Holbrook, a lifelong fiber artist, teacher, designer, knitter, and weaver, with over 30 years experience in spinning. 

Ken's spindles include; Colored Inlay Spindles- with decorative inlays from stones, granules and a variety of products; Stone Inlay Spindles, with a hand polished stone in the whorl; and Button Inlay Spindles, with decorative buttons, usually vintage or antique, inlayed in the whorl. He specializes in many, one of a kind Spindles - signed and numbered.

Regular whorls are approximately 3" in diameter and the shafts are approximately 8" in length.
Mini whorls are
approximately 2" in diameter and the shafts are approximately 7" in length.

Select one of the " New - One of a Kind Modular Spindles" below to purchase this style. The other KCL spindles do not have the removable shafts, but they just as beautiful!

23 Item(s)

23 Item(s)