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Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel

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SKU: SCH-0216


The Ladybug Spinning Wheel is friendly to entry-level spinners, easy to treadle, easy to take with you, and…as cute as a bug!

Typically Ships in 4-6 Weeks

Product Details:

The Ladybug Spinning Wheel is friendly to entry-level spinners, easy to treadle, easy to take with you, and…as cute as a bug! The Ladybug has the characteristic solid Schacht construction and its unique design is both functional and charming. Designed-in carrying handles in the legs and light weight make the Ladybug easy to pick up and transport. An optional attached tensioned Lazy Kate integrates into the front leg and makes it easy to take along, too!

Each Ladybug Spinning Wheel is unique (somewhere on your wheel is your very own Ladybug pal).

The Ladybug Spinning Wheel uses Scotch tension, and can also be used in double drive mode. The Ladybug comes with medium and fast flyer whorls; the slow and high speed whorls can also be used for a wide range of ratios.


  • Wheel diameter: 16"
  • Orifice: 3/8"
  • Ratios: 7:1, 9:1, 10.5:1, & 12.5:1
  • Weight: 12.5 lbs
  • Height: 29". 

Included Accessories:

  • poly drive band
  • threading hook
  • three travel bobbins
  • medium and fast whorls
  • double drive band

You can use your Matchless bobbins and whorls on this portable wheel.

Optional Accessories:

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Product Reviews

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Schacht Ladybug Review by Janet
I've owned this wheel since 2012. It was my very first wheel. I've bought and sold other wheels since getting this one. And if anyone ever told me I could only keep one wheel, this would be it. It spins reliably, is well made, and American made. It has hand-holds that allows you to carry it. But I wouldn't want to carry it very far with all that weight in front of me as it hurts my bad back. For distances I purchased a luggage cart that has little wings that fold out. It fits great, and I just use bungy cords to strap it in. I mainly spin in scotch tension but I've used it in double drive and it works well. But personally I thought the spin was smoother in double drive on the Schacht Matchless. That's just my personal opinion. It's a little workhouse of a wheel, looks great, and I love the little ladybug the company places on each wheel. (Posted on 1/13/2017)
I had one before, sold it, kicking myself, getting anothetry Review by Tori Chase Citter, Fiber, and Fur
This is advertised as an " entry level" wheel. I've had every brand, every style, even a "matchless".
( try to pry it from my dead fingers). The ladybug is my choice for a quick sit down and accomplish something. (Posted on 9/23/2016)

2 Item(s)

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