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Schacht, Auto Reed Hook


SKU: SCH-101


Schacht, Auto Reed Hook

Product Details:

This sley hook makes threading your reed easy, fast and fun (yes, fun). It works most easily from right to left but can be used from left to right. Slip the end through a dent, bring the handle all the way up to the reed. When you do this a clip on the left side goes through the next dent to the left. Position your warp on the hook and pull back on the handle. This step will thread the first dent and position the tool properly in the next dent so you can repeat the process. You will have to look closely to see just how this works but from a distance your weaving friends will think it is magic. With just a few minutes of practice you will thread your next reed in record time. No weaver should be without this time-saving tool. And that bend on the end of the hook - that allows you to let go of the hook and let it hang as you go about your work.

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