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Kumihimo Plate Kit

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Kumihimo Plate Kit is an excellent introduction to flat braids. It includes a Plate, instructions, ten small EZ Bobs and bamboo yarn.

Typically Ships within 1-3 Days

Product Details:

Kumihimo Plate Kit includes a plate, instructions in English, ten small EZ Bobs and yarn (10 ends each 1 yard long).

The Kumihimo Plate is six inches square and made of the same dense foam as the disk, the plate was developed to make flat braids.

E-Z Bobs allow the braider to control long warps on the disk and plate; depending on the thickness of the thread used, up to four yards can be loaded onto the small bobbins. Adjust the Bobs so that they all hang three to four inches under the disk or plate and make yards of braid.

Plate Instructions are for six braids, including a Zig Zag braid, in color and two page. There is also information on thread selection, using EZ Bobs and adding beads to braids.

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