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Babe Pinkie Spinning Wheel ST

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Conceived to be a spinning wheel for children. However, soon after they found because it only weighed 4 pounds that it would have a lot of other uses.

Typically Ships in 2-4 Weeks

Product Details:

Babe Pinkie Spinning Wheel ST

This wheel was designed for the smaller person or child. Like all Babe wheels, it is made of PVC pipe. This is so light you can lift it with your pinkie! It is a single treadle wheel.

is made with 3/4" Furniture PVC and uses a 12" OD wheel chair wheel which has two ball bearing so it turns very easily. The orifice is 20-1/2" from the floor. It comes with 5 Bobbins: 2 Standard bobbins, 2 Lace bobbins, and 1 Ply bobbin. Also included is a 2 bobbin lazy kate, Spinning Babe's Booklet, a 1/4 pound of Brown Sheep roving and Babe's Sure Foot to keep it from sliding on the floor. The wood treadle is for the smaller foot, measures 4" wide X 9" long; Measures 15" X 10-1/2" X 22-1/2". Have fun spinning yarn on your Pinkie.

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