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Fleece - Coopworth - White/Grey/Brown/Silver/Charcoal - 1lb.


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This wool is well crimped with a bright luster. The micron count ranges from approximately 46-50. Staple length averages 5-8 inches. Gorgeous Fleece! Very Clean!

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Product Details:

Fleece - Coopworth - White/Grey/Brown/Silver/Charcoal - 1lb.

Coopworth fleece is a longwool, a crossbreed of Romney and BFL. It produces a lustrous high yield wool. Spinners love it for its ease of spinning it is really good for beginners. It can be spun in many different ways, from the lock, from the fold, flicked or combed. It takes to dyes easily, while the white fleece takes the dye clearly the grey colored fleeces will take the dye more subtlety. Felting with coopworth can be fun and because of its lock structure can add texture and definition to any project weather spinning or felting wet or needle. It can be challenging to card or comb coopworth because the long and dense structure of the fiber can become very fluffy and overload the equipment easily. Coopworth is best used for outerwear and textiles.


Weight: 1 lb.
Staple Length: 5-8 inches
Micron Average: 30-39
Lanolin: Low
VM and Dirt: Depends on Fleece
Fleece: Nice Luster with a well defined crimp all the way to the pointy tip.

NOTE: Raw Fleece is un-washed unless otherwise indicated.

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