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Strauch Drum Carders

We stock Strauch drum carders. All come with a Knuckle-Saving Batt Picker for easy removal of the batt, a Doffer Brush for cleaning the large drum and a dabber brush for cleans bits of fiber off the small drum.  The fine carding cloth (128 teeth/square inch) handles all fibers from very fine ones, such as Merino and llama, down to the coarse fibers.This cloth is standard on the Finest, Petite and 205 series carders. The new Mad Batt'r drum carder has coarser, longer teeth to accommodate the variety of fibers and add-ins for making "art batts."

 All Strauch drum carders now come with the brush attachment as standard equipment. The brush packs the fiber onto the drum and minimized fiber "fly-a-way." It makes carding a dream.

The most popular Strauch drum carder for the serious fiber artist, is the Model 405, Strauch's Finest.... the ULTIMATE drum carder!! Among beginning fiber folks, the Petite is an excellent choice.

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)