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Clemes & Clemes Drum Carder

Oak frame and carders are completely assembled and ready to use right out of the box. The card clothing is available in fine tooth and coarse tooth. Most spinners require fine teeth on their carders. Almost any type of fiber can be carded with the fine tooth carder. 

We recommend coarse teeth on a carder only when carding a coarser fiber and a rougher texture is desired. The carding drums are adjusted at the factory and rarely ever need adjustment. The small version has all the features of the 8” drum carder but in a 4” width. Excellent for the occasional spinner or the spinner who travels a lot.

Carding Cotton on the Clemes & Clemes Drum Carder

The Clemes & Clemes fine tooth drum carders will card cotton very well right out of the box. If you are going to card cotton only, the carders can be special ordered with two changes that makes the carder work even better on cotton. First, they will spiral wrap the in feed drum. While not necessary for wool, cotton has such a short staple length that this improves the feeding and carding action. Second, they will set the drums a little closer together. $25 up-charge for this modification. Allow 2-4 weeks - please call us.

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1 Item(s)