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Needle Felting Supplies

Needle Felting Supplies



Needle Felting

What you need to needle felt:

- Small amounts of various colors of carded wool (preferably fine or medium-fine wool)

- Felting needles (these are extremely sharp and should not be used by children) and felting needle holder

- Felting surface such as a sponge or piece of foam (included in some kits)

- Book (such as "Needle Felting" and "Needle Felting by Hand or Machine", and/or video ("Introduction to Needle Felting")
(Nice to have: Fiber Blenders, Needle Felting Machine, Kits).

What is the difference between Felting, Fulling and Needle Felting?

FELTING or FELTMAKING means that you are working from the fiber (most often sheep's wool) to make a felted fabric or product using soap and water; there is no knitting, crocheting or weaving involved.

FULLING or KNITFELTING is achieved by knitting a garment and then shrinking it, filling (hence the term "fulling") the holes between the stitches. This fulling can be done on crocheted or woven items as well. Check our knitting books for many projects that are knitted and then "felted".

NEEDLE FELTING, unlike felting, does not require soap and water; it is accomplished by using felting needles to make figurines or apply additional fibers to decorate fabric or garments (those can be made of felted material or knitted, crocheted or woven material).

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