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Washfast Acid Dyes - Protein Based Fiber

Washfast Acid Wool Dyes: 1 oz. will dye 4-8 lbs. Use with white vinegar.

Available colors: Yellow, Forest and Leaf Greens, Bright and National Blues, Turquoise, Navy, Lilac, Plum, Bright Violet, Bright Red, Bright Orange, Magenta, Brick, Brown, Caramel, Chocolate Brown, and Black.

Good companion books for these dyes are "Hands on Dyeing" and "The Ashford Book of Dyeing".

Country Classics Pre-Mixed Dye - Over 90 different colors available!  A simple easy way to dye wool, silk, nylon and other protein fibers.

Everything needed is included in a 3 oz jar. Each jar dyes 2.0 lbs. of wool in 30 minutes.

Dye roving, yarn, fabric and more with this easy to use professional fiber dye. Also, check out our Country Classic starter kits.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)