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Chemical Dyes

Washfast Acid Wool Dyes1.0 oz. will dye 4-8 lbs. Use with white vinegar.

See color card to view colors. Free instructions on request. Good companion books for these dyes are "Hands on Dyeing" and "The Ashford Book of Dyeing".

Basic Instructions for Acid (Wool) here.....

Procion MX Reactive Dyeswork best on cellulosic (plant) fibers (cotton, rayon, linen, ramie, jute): lightfast, wash-fast, boil-fast. Require washing soda and common salt, 1 tbsp. per lb. of fiber. Good companion books for these dyes are "Surface Design with Procion Dyes" and "Color by Accident".

Basic Instructions for MX Reactive (Cotton) here....

Cushing Perfection Wool Dyes: 1/3 oz. will dye 1.0 lb. dry material. Use with white vinegar.

Basic Instructions for Cushing here....

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)